Many people regard real wood as one of the best building materials in the world. Together with natural stone it is the only 100% natural material used in building construction.

Unique, beautiful, versatile and enduring. It is a pleasure to work and relax in a genuine log building, as a cabin breathes and thus creates a healthy environment.

Log Cabin UK specialises in the design and construction of contemporary and traditionally styled log buildings.  As every log is different, every cabin we build is equally unique and individual. Whilst ensuring our clients are satisfied by the aesthetics of their log cabin, our underlying ethos is one of quality.

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Through intelligent design we at Log Cabin UK ensure that our cabins are well engineered to give structural stability and use high quality materials to ensure durability. Log Cabin UK will provide you with a building that should last for generations giving your descendants a legacy you can be proud of.

Log Cabins are the environmental solution to building and developing sustainably. By choosing to construct any building using logs or timber you are working towards a zero carbon structure.

The environmental benefits of using logs are:

  • Renewable – good forest management ensures that more trees are planted to replaced those felled.
  • Sustainable – trees reproduce naturally and therefore there is an inexhaustible supply of new stock.
  • Carbon sink – through photosynthesis trees lock up carbon which is stored in the timber we use.
  • Resources – log buildings rely less on water based construction materials like cement and plaster reducing the pressure on our precious water resource.
  • Landscape – log buildings use much less aggregates reducing the amount of material that needs to be quarried and decreasing the impact on the landscape.

There are other aspects to sustainable building that we are now incorporating in our log cabins, which include the use of:

  • Sheeps wool insulation
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Renewable energy solutions

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