“Timber is a traditional building material”

Log Cabin UK’s many years of experience erecting a range of cabins of varying sizes and requirements has given us a great understanding of log based construction.

Our cabins are constructed using the two most practical, durable and established methods. These two different techniques produce a variety of different results.

Machine Profiled

This is a mechanised method of log cabin construction. The cabins are built using laminated logs from our partner, Dores Fabrika, in Latvia, and are manufactured as a whole kit using a CAD/CAM system. This ensures that Dores Fabrika’s drive for precision and accuracy matches our own and our experience has brought us to the conclusion that their machined profile log is the best way to achieve the highest standards.

Machine ProfiledThis level of quality is present in all the kit; logs, rafters, boarding, and cladding are all finished to the highest standards and meet full Building Control Standards.

In addition, the natural pore structure in the wood makes the house exceptionally warm, for timber beats any other construction material for its inherent insulation properties.

All our cabins are well engineered and have the greatest structural stability possible. Our cabins are strong, highly durable and extremely safe. However, we do not compromise on aesthetics, and together with Dores Fabrika, we have created a range of building styles, to suit different tastes and requirements, from the traditional to the more contemporary.


Simple cross corner jointSimple cross corner joint
This is the most popular joint used throughout Europe.

The extended log joint allows a machined profiled cabin to incorporate a traditional cabin look. It is relatively easy joint to make, which means that this style of the log house can be produced more quickly and efficiently.

Dores patented* dovetail cornerDores patented* dovetail corner
This more contemporary joint doesn’t have the ordinary extended logs; the log finishes as soon as it meets the next one.

There is a unique wind, rain and frost barrier carefully worked inside the joint.


Hand Scribed

LOG CABIN UK also uses traditional Scandinavian log house techniques to build cabins.
In hand scribed construction we hand select the best trees and have them felled and cut to required length. We then remove the bark and any large knots. 

We then select large logs to have milled in half for sill logs. These form the base layer of the cabin.

The walls are constructed by laying logs one on top of another, a tight seal between logs is achieved by scribing the profile of the log below on to the one above.

Handscribed-cabinAt the corners of the building the logs walls interlock to form a solid sealed joint. Once the walls have reached a required height, openings for all doors and windows can be cut.

Roof construction can be either post and beam, log gable end or log truss. The type of roof structure would depend on the pitch of the roof and covering that you, the client, desires.


What is Scribing?
This is the process of transferring the contours of one log on to the log that sits above it, to achieve a tight fit once cut.

This method ensures that the logs keep their natural shape.