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LOG CABIN UK employs traditional Scandinavian log house techniques when building its cabins.

"timber is a traditional building material"

As each tree is unique, then so is each log, this means that every log has to be shaped, measured and jointed by hand.


Our cabins are constructed using the two most practical and longlasting methods. The two different techniques can provide a huge variety of different results.

You can choose from:


Round Log construction

Round Log construction

Hand crafted scribe-fit Log construction, in which each wall log has a full length long grove and corner notch, and fits to the naturally-shaped logs above and below without gaps.

Square Sawn Log construction

Square Sawn Log construction

Milled logs, shaped on top and bottom to ensure a tight uniform fit along the full length of the log, corners are fixed by sturdy half lap joints.


Machine profiled log construction

CAD/CAM construction

This is a mechanised method of log cabin construction incorporating kiln-dried logs from Finland. The buildings are manufactured as a whole kit using a CAD/CAM system. All the logs are profiled and corner joints notched using lathe cutters to form a tight joint and union between the logs.

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